Electrical Heating 

Electric heating has changed dramatically in the last few years. There are many options now available depending on your requirements, lifestyle, budget and insulation. Don't be drawn in by the large companies selling only one type of heater, where they will convince you that they have the best heater on the market and its perfect for you! 
We look at all the options… 
As an independent, we won’t try to get you to buy one particular heater. Instead, we look at all the options available on the market, ask you a few questions and then recommend one or two types of heater that will suit your needs and provide you with a quote.  
We won't pressure you into making a decision..... 
You can decide in your own time! 
We can advise on the following heaters amongst others…. 
Quantum Storage Heaters 
Haverland Electric Radiators 
Traditional Panel Heaters 
Heatstore Intellirad Heaters 
With so many types of electric heaters available, as an independent contractor, we will look at all the options available, and advise on the best heating system just for you.  
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